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Six months ago (this winter) my 96 LHS (115k miles) started having trouble starting in below-freezing temps. I could usually get it to start, but then it would idle EXTREMELY rough -- seemingly only running on a few cylinders. If i would try to drive it in this condition it would die after I made it to the bottom of my driveway. I finally figured out if I let it idle long enough it would smooth out and be driveable. When the temps rose 10 degrees, this problem seemed to go away. Car idles more rough now no matter what, and the computer showed about a 2 point drop in AVG MPG.

Check engine light was on during all this, only (important) MIL code was a 25:

25: Idle Air Control Motor Circuits -- A shorted or open condition exists in one or more of the idle air control motor circuits.

Fast forward 6 months to now. Weather is nice and car starts reliably, still idles rough. Also, engine has died about three times at stop signs. Decided to try to fix the problem, so replaced the IAC motor and IAC valve. No symptoms changed, still throwing a 25. Also, over the last few months, computer has accumulated a few new ones:

32: EGR Solenoid Circuit -- An open or shorted condition detected in the EGR transducer solenoid circuit.

51: Right Rear (or just) Fuel System Lean -- A lean air/fuel mixture has been indicated by an abnormally rich correction factor.

51 (again): Left Front Fuel System Lean -- A lean air/fuel mixture has been indicated by an abnormally rich correction factor.

According to Chilton's, the MIL code 51 can represent two different diagnostic codes, and my car is apparently throwing both of them.

I am a total newbie when it comes to this stuff, so I'm hoping for you more experienced people the problem is already jumping out at you. What is this? I was able to have my dad look at the car for a few minutes and he seemed to come to the conclusion that the fuel pressure is too low. Could this be a bad fuel pump? I can see how that would explain the lean fuel mix, but why would that cause an open/short in the EGR solenoid and the IAC motor?

Any help is appreciated. I don't have a lot of money to spend on this car, but it used to run beautifully and I'd like to get it back to how it was!!! Thanks!
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