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Lately (now that it is hot) it seems like the AC does not cool as much as it should. It will cool just fine at night and when the temp is below about 75. When the temp is over 90 though it really takes a long time for it to cool down.

I mean it does cool the air, but it takes at least 5 minutes of driving before it is close to what I consider comfortable. Now I know it does take time for the components to cool off, but I would imagine that the air coming out of the vents should feel cool within a minute. Whether you are idling or running within a minute there should be a depreciable difference at the vent.

I am sort of wondering if the AC may be overcharged with oil. I have one of those little rinky dink service hoses with gauge built in from the zone. When I first crank the car the little needle will be towards the low end of the blue zone (approx 25 lbs) After about a minute the pressure will go up to the top of the blue zone (approx 45 lbs.) I may be totally wrong on those lbs ratings, but I know it starts out around the bottom of their blue zone and goes to the top. I have thought maybe something is partialy clogged and after it runs for a minute the pressure builds.

Any ideas?
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