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Parts from NAPA, based on a '98 3.2 motor...

Where two part numbers are listed, they are equivalent and from different mfgrs.

Cam sensor: ECH CSS1106 / ECH CSS710
Crank sensor: ECH CSS610 / MPE CSS610SB
P1390, P1391, P1398, P0320, P0340

O2 upstream: BSH 13272 (one on each side of car, two total)
O2 downstream: BSH 13272 (one on each side of car, two total)
P0130 to P0175, P1194 to P1197, P0420, P0432, P1482, P1483, P1484,

O2 sensor remove/install socket: SER 3259
(this socket has a cut-out for the sensor wires)

Oil press switch: MPE OP6787SB / ECH OP6755
P0522, P0523

Coil: ECH IC261 (six per car)
P0350 to P0358

Tranny input: MPE TSS200SB / ECH TSS200
Tranny output: MPE TSS100SB / ECH TSS100
P0500, P0720, P0700, limp mode

42LE Transmission Solenoid Pack: ECH TCS566
'J' VIN motor codes only

MAP sensor: CRB 216487
P0106, P0107, P0108, P0121, P1296, P1297, P1298, P1299
MAP sensor PNs may be different between 2.7, 3.2 and 3.5 motors

PCV: MPF 39358 / CRB 29358

Brake switch: MPE SL796SB / ECH SL796

Timing belt: NBH 250295
Timing belt tensioner: NBH T41084

Timing belt and tensioner kit: NBH 2522950
(change belt/tensioner at 100k miles or so)
P1390, P1391, P1398, P0320, P0340

Upper radiator hose: NBH 9054
Lower radiator hose: NBH 9053
Water pump, reman: WP 58553
Water pump, new: DPW 1201350 / NWP 557162
water temp sensor: ECH TS3005 / MPE TS3005SB
thermostat (180): THM 379180
P0116, P0117, P0118, P1198, P1199, P1281

AC drive belt: NBH 257550 / PBH 4017550
AC drive belt idler pulley: NBH 38040

Alt/PS drive belt: NBH 25060529 / PBH 4060529
Alt/PS drive belt idler pulley: NBH 38042

Multi-function switch (turn signals, washer, etc): ECH DL6342

Headlight switch: ECH HL6302
(without fog lamps)

Power steering pressure switch: ECH PS312

For US-spec cars, there are only TWO different kinds of relays in the PDC, the service and parts books call out different parts but in reality, there are only two different relays. The small relays are the MPE AR606SB / ECH AR606, the large relays are the MPE AR272SB.

PDC large relays; ASR, Rad Fans HI, and Rad Fans Hi/Low all use the same relay: MPE AR272SB

PDC small relays; Fuel Shutoff, Fuel Pump, Wiper, Starter, Fuel Pump, A/C Clutch, Fog Lamp all use the same relay: MPE AR606SB / ECH AR606

Canadian, Euro spec, and modded cars may have the following two relays in the PDC.

PDC Relay; DRL relay: ECH AHL102 (non US-spec cars only)

PDC Relay; Headlight washer relay: MPE AR606SB / ECH AR606 (non US-spec cars only)

The under-dash fuse center has 7 small relays. These control the (insert new data here)

Starter solenoid plunger: ECH SD1011

Starter solenoid contacts: ECH SM132

Stater, reman'd, 'premium': RAY 446753
(There are several starter p/n's from different reman shops)

Bosch Spark Plugs:
(use torque wrench to install, tighten to 20 ft/lbs)

generic copper: BSH 7561
(gap to .050")

Platinim single: BSH 4203
(gap to .050")

Platinum +2: BSH 4208

Platinum +4: BSH 4428

Spark plug anti-seize lubricant: BK 7653070 / BK 7652405

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No problem. It might be useful to find some more of the common p-codes and edit them into the parts list. I'm gonna see what I can find. Might even make this into part of the 2G FAQ........

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what is the difference in these two part numbers?

PCV: MPF 39358 / CRB 29358

or do I need both of them to replace my PCV valve?


Nevermind just went with the cheaper one.
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