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Consumer's Report--Camry vs Maxima vs Intrepid vs Gran Prix

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Consumer's Report reviews those cars--loaded--against each other. The Intrepid is the '02 ES.
Briefly, they liked the refinement and improvements in the Camry overall. The improvements done to Maxima weren't as "quantative" as the ones to the Camry.
As rankings go, the Intrepid came in 3rd. They (still) liked the car overall and it is one of their recommended cars. Their complaints against the car are design complaints that won't go away until a new one comes out...gauges at twilight, long rear door/hard entry exit. Can't argue with opinions like that, but I don't think car buyers will make "make-or-break" decisions on the ones they found. They also said their city driving was 12 MPG??? Must have been punching the accelerator a lot.
One interesting thing to note was that the Intrepid had only 2 minor (building/delievery) flaws, while the Maxima had 6 (I believe). Even the Toyota had 2.
I haven't driven/riden in any of the other cars so can't comment on their comments. Also, the imports where priced about $2k more.
One last thing, it was either Car and Driver or Motor Trend that mentioned that the design of the Intrepid still "catches the eye." Definitely agree there.
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From what i see the intrepids are good performance cars like the first gen still compete with todays models. and my car is 8 years old been a 97 paint is still awsome engine has 170k and still runs smooth this is why intrepids are awsome.

Not to mention i torture the damn engine everyday and it holds up as one of the strongest.
Sorry meant to say my car was a 94 not 94 which makes it stronger ;) ;) ;)
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