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Good morning guys

I was parking in the garage yesterday and the wife got out of the car and saw a trail of what looks like oil drops in a very quick and fast amount. I thought the water pump finally gave in. The drops are too close to be eng oil (don't really know).
Any way borrow a friend car stand and look under the car with it running at operating temperature. No continuous stream of oil or coolant. Just a few drops of oil coming from oil filter. Was able to move the filter with my hand. It was a bit loose. Maybe that was the problem.
When I opened the hood I did found a coolant leak on the CONNECTOR-WATER OUTLET
Its is Mopar Part No.: 5017183AA. Found it on Mopar Parts

Peva was helping a new member with a similar problem a few years ago. The member did not remove the plenum intake like the the maintenance manual says on page 9-72. Like Peva recommended, I will remove the intake plenum to make sure it is clean. I has 3 gaskets that I found on the online store.

The question are:
Do I need to disconnect all the electrical, air and throttle cable connections from the Plenum or just remove it enough out of the way to clean inspect and replace the gaskets? Then install the water housing.
Do the water housing comes with the seals, gaskets or O-rings?

Also last night spend some time reading about high temperature gage readings on some of the members cars. I haven't paid much attention to mine and then I took a picture today after driving the car around looking for the leak. Does this looks normal for our cars? The heater blows hot air, a/c works great. The fans do take a little to crank, but start immediately as the A/C is turned on.




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