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We all have seen the prolific discussions on these LH cars running hot. This appears to be a systemic problem with the car. Well...maybe not.
My '03 did have an overheating problem that was remedied. However, it always ran very warm during the summer with the Air Cond. on. About 49.9% on the coolant temperature gauge. From experience, I know that once the gauge hits about 52% there's no stopping it and the engine will overheat.

Someone posted here, as part of troubleshooting to make sure the radiator gap seals were in place. I looked at my car and didn't see what the guy was talking about. Thinking they might be missing, l looked at several Intrepids in the junkyard (all had 3.5 engines) and didn't see these gap seals. Recently, I found an Intrepid in the junkyard Salvage yard that was very low miles. The oil change sticker read: 41,767 miles, the cloth seats had no wear, piles of acorn husks on the air cleaner, etc. Apparently, the 2.7 engine blew up early in the car's life. Well, this unmolested car had the radiator gap shields. Two conformal, long pieces of plastic with a plastic rivet attached to the upper brace for the radiator.
So, I surmised that when "mechanics" removed the upper brace to replace the timing belt on the 3.5's that it is standard practice to remove and discard these unnecessary parts. (yes, I'm being sarcastic). Really irks me that by and large people are too lazy to reinstall these parts because 'yeh, don't need them anyway'. I bought the plastic shields from the yard for a few bucks. Anyway, the Part numbers are: 4806028AA, 4806029AA. Reinstalling these, should cure the running hotish situation.

I think the cooling system on these LH cars is near it's limit and is critical to keep in proper form. I recently replaced the radiator on a '96 Corolla, 4 cylinder. I placed that radiator side by side with my old 'trep radiator. Both are two row radiators and the cooling fin area on both radiators are the same. So, the V6 engine has the same cooling area as a 4 cylinder toyota. That toyota never runs hot, 95° day, air con. running.
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