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cost for a new or rebuilt 3.5 engine?

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Hey guys. I've just found this site and found alot of kool ideas from from here to do to my car. UNfortuantly i put my 1997 3.5 intrepid into the shop for the oil light keeps coming on...but it still hass plenty off oil in it. Now the mechanic says there might be rod nocking and i should might start looking for another car. And he would only say that it would be very expensive to fix nothing more. So i was wondering how much would it be for a new or rebuilt engine. I really don't want to lose the intrepid. Thanx and help would be greatly appreciated! :)
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My old pontiac 6000 did that, and my dads chevy van (350) does that. Both are NOT because of the oil pump. the 6000's rod bearings were shot, and let the oil pressure out WAY to fast. eventually, it threw a rod.
The van's main bearings are loose, and it runs fine, but it also lets too much oil out of the lubrication holes. My dad installed a high volume, high pressure oil pump that now pushes 60-80psi (!!!!) at revs above 2000, but at idle, it still has trouble getting it above 10 psi while warm.
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