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Crankshaft position sensor wiring (what are these little metal things for?)

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I want to change the connector for my crankshaft position sensor on my 1999 Intrepid 2.7 SE. This is what my connector looks like. There is a newer connector in 2000. Looks like it was redesigned. Anyway this picture is what Mopar sells. My question is, why is there 6 wires included? And what are the little metal things in the picture? Are those some kind of wire butt connectors? I can still get this at the dealer for a reasonable price. Part number 5135637AA
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Looks like it is a kit for several applications - some for CKP, and some for throttle position sensors. 6 wires to be used 3 at a time as needed to match the gauge and colors for the various applications? See below photos more clearly showing those pieces - can't tell if they are metal or plastic - might be for connector or terminal latching, or connector keying, or shielding. My WAGs. 馃お

Maybe a Chrysler dealer has some app or installation notes on it.

Rather than 6 identical pieces, looks like 3 larger pieces the same, and 3 smaller pieces the same. You might have to get one to see where those pieces fit in the housing, and then it will make sense. Maybe 3 pieces fit that connector half and the other 3 fit the mating half, or the smaller ones insert into the larger ones, but for what purpose? Perhaps they are as you say, butt connectors for the in line splicing of the 3 wires. They seem to be a strange shape for that.

3 brands come up for 5135637AA on Rock Auto:

The apps. for the Standard Motor Products version:
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Photo of the SMP version - 2nd one is zoom and crop of the first:
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Looks to me like they are designed for the special ratcheting curling crimpers. Strip wire, lay in crimp, and squeeze. The curls fold over such that they grip into the strands of copper, not just hug them flat.

But, I'd just crimp them tight with any pair of pliers, and then crimp them again with wire pliers that will squeeze in a very narrow area. Don't forget to put the shrink tube on.

The wires here aren't in a stressed situation... I don't think you'll have to worry about them pulling out.

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In my 45 years of electronics design and manufacturing, I've never seen a splice thingy like that. Learn something new every day. 馃榾
Those I've seen before - your typical factory production crimp - like you said: one crimp on the copper and the other over the insulation - for strain relief - in fact, exactly like the crimps on the wires in the kit photos. But those don't look much at all like the separate pieces in the photos of the kits that intrepy and I posted. But the resolution was so poor in what we posted, couldn't see much detail.
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