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Crankshaft position sensor wiring (what are these little metal things for?)

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I want to change the connector for my crankshaft position sensor on my 1999 Intrepid 2.7 SE. This is what my connector looks like. There is a newer connector in 2000. Looks like it was redesigned. Anyway this picture is what Mopar sells. My question is, why is there 6 wires included? And what are the little metal things in the picture? Are those some kind of wire butt connectors? I can still get this at the dealer for a reasonable price. Part number 5135637AA
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Yes those metal things I think are for wires but not sure how to use them.
Those are splice connectors. Then you heat shrink over them. 3 of each of 2 different wire gauges. Use the wire color and size that matches the factory harness, and repair using the correct connectors and shrink tubing.

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Ok. So how exactly do those go over the wires and how do you squeeze them?
1 - 3 of 11 Posts