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So graduation's coming up, and I didn't have a mp3 player. All I had was a cd player that could play mp3 files, which was convenient because of the feature on my Pioneer deck in my Intrepid. It's a little too big for my pocket, and I could use a mp3 player at work and it would be useful in college, so I decided to look around, and chose this one. For 30 gigs it's about the same price as the 30 gig Ipod. There's also a similar ZEN mp3 player with 8 gigs for $200, but right now I already have 6 gigs of music. It came in yesterday and I am already satisfied.

The scroll feature on this mp3 player is sick. It's vertical, unlike the circlular Ipod scroll. Scroll by moving thumb, scroll and hold and it will go faster (as if you were holding the down arrow on a web page), and click the area for "ok". It's got a 2.5'' color screen that produces beautiful results. Similar menu style as the Ipod. It also has an on/off/lock switch on the top which glows like the four buttons on the front. My version has a black front with a white backing.

The earbuds given give great audio quality, but they are a little bulky for my ears (the buds are too fat). The package came with all the things you need (software, adapter, charge plug, etc). The only downside is that I could have bought the Ipod cheaper (online, by using the teacher discount).

This is supposed to be the mp3 player that is supposed to give the Ipod a fight. The only thing I can see in the way of Creative is the universality of iTunes, that's what I use for a media player on my computer. The Creative software looks to be ok though, you can add files/folders like you are adding them to a cd, and then it goes right onto the player.

Near perfect. If you have any questions or comments feel free.
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