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Swapping wheels is a little bit more complex than whether or not it will bolt on.

Offset: measurement of the wheel's centerline in relationship to your hub flange. Zero offset puts the hub flange at the center of the rim. Negative offset moves the rim out away from the vehicle and causes more of the more the wheel to stick out from under the vehicle. Positive offset moves the tire and wheel toward the vehicle.

Backspacing: The distance from the hub to the back of the rim. This determines with how far the tire reaches into the wheelwell. If you get wide wheels and keep stock offset, the wheel will increase backspace toward the inside. If you want to keep stock backspacing, then you need a lot of offset (NOT desirable).

A wide wheel, with less backspacing puts extra stress on the bearings and seals, etc, etc because the center of the tire is farther away from the hub. A wide wheel with less backspacing can also cause more rubbing on the control arms and a reduced turning radius.

So, areas for concern are tires rubbing, increased stress on wheel bearings and suspension components, possible steering differences (feel, etc), and let's not forget looking weird if they stick out or are tucked in alot, etc, etc.

It may fit, it may work, but unless it's within specs (or pretty close ) for the design, there will be trade off's somewhere (handling, durability, tire wear, etc).

As an extreme example, you can take a front wheel off a dually, flip it over and bolt it on. The wheel sticks way out past the well, but it will drive reasonably well.
However, it will kill the wheel bearing sooner, wear the tires oddly, and handle like crap. Same sort of thing happens on a regular car with the improper offset and backspacing, same principle just not as extreme.

And at 100 bucks a pop for front wheel hub bearing assemblies on these puppies (and we all know the wear out pretty fast in even stock vehicles), I'd want to get as much mileage out of them as possible.

Maybe the vicky is close in offset and backspacing? Anyone have the specs for the 'Vic and the Intrepid? It would be interesting to find out.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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