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Hey guys...

i'm looking for someone in the Chicago area (northwest 'burbs) who could fabricate me a sub box and a rack for my amps and cap (2 x 12" Kickers, Audiobahn amp, Infinity 4channel amp)...someone with actual knowledge of the matter.

Also i'm looking for sugestions on lowering the Trep...I'm sporting the Chrysler 300 17 inch wheels/tires...and the time to replace the tires (8 months...hehe)...has i'm gonna go with a lower profile of the tire and would want to drop it down a bit, i don't care for racing stiff suspension, etc. just a drop down...if someone could share a link with me on what to buy and where, that would be great.

Also, my MTC only works on the highest setting, i read that its the resistor thats causing ill need to replace it or what??...if so what kind??...any specific one or can i just get anywhere...

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