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This is where I will be putting pictures of my 2000 Base Model Intrepid. I will post pictures of my mods in here as soon as I figure out how to upload pics to my web space. For now I will just add a text list of things I have done.

I found a pic of my car, sorry for the delay on the bag hook pics, maybe tomorrow.

More a list of factory options than real modZ, I started with a bare bones 2000 Trep

Mods listing
* Bag Hooks
* JoeKD Custom INtake
* Mopar door edge guards
* Mopar hood bra
* Bug Flector
* Molded Mopar Splash guards
* Custom tinted rear window with Boi-Hazrad logo
* Sun sensor
* Front door courtesy lights
* 300M lighted visors with diimer and extensions
* 300M auto light switch with fog
* OTIS w/Homelink
* Chrome door/window switches
* Billet ATC control knob
* 4-Disc changer, one piece unit
* Vent Visors
* Alpine ERE-G 180 Eleven band EQ
* Alpine MRP-F200Amp for highs
* JBL BP 600.1 amp for subs
* Two JBL GTO 12" subs
* Pioneer TS-A1765 door speakers
* Pioneer TS-A6995 rear speakers
* Spoiler Depot spoiler
* iROTOR Cross drilled and Slotted rotors
* Hawk brake pads
* Calipers painted black
* Kumho 245/40/18 Ecsta Supra 712s
* 18" MB Motoring Panther wheels
* Brabus pedals, full set includes foot rest and E-brake
* Upgraded factory keyless to full alarm
* Remote start
* DODGE plaques on sun visors
* PIAA fog lights connected to OEM switch
* Debadged Hood and Doors

I think thats about it, but I dont really keep track of these things.


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monkey-boy said:
those pics are like 4 years old wtf get new ones.

New ones? Why? They would look just like these ones, it's not like the car grew up or anything. Besides not many people have really seen my car except in my sig pic. Why am I even discussing this with you?


monkey-boy said:
does the biohazard decal still actually look liek that or is it all scraped off randomly
it still looks like that cuz it's in the TINT I have told you.

it's silver tint under the glass covered by the dark tint.

it is NOT a decal.

well.... I guess it is a decal, just not one on the ontside of the car.

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thebulgd said:
wrong thread wingnut

i think brody was refering to his lisence plate

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Great looking Intrepid,

have you had any problems with the 2.7 litre engine?

Ijust purchased a 2004 with the 2.7 , any suggestions ?
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