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If you are buying a hood cover, I presume a leather bra, why mess with the nicks? It will cover them up.

The scratch by the fog lights, no one can see unless you are under the car, why worry about it?

Did you notice any nicks on the under side of the floorboards? Only kidding.

If the chips are really big and noticeable, you can touch them up, just hope you get a good match to the colors. If you are really anal about it, and want it to look as good as you can get then do this.

Lightly sand the area with 1000 grit sand paper, using plenty of water, until the area is dull.

Gently DAB the new paint into the chips, trying to contain it in the chip. Apply a few coats until the chip is almost level with the original paint. Allow to dry completely before coats. At least 1 hour.

Then gently wet sand again with 1000 grit, using plenty of water, and a sanding block, until all is smooth.

Then using a good clear coat compound and a buffer, buff it until it shines like new.

Is a tedious process, but looks much better than slapping on some touch up paint with a brush.

If the nics are small, the best thing I have found to use is a match, freshly ripped out of a pack, and using the frayed cardboard point as an applicator.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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