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Dead CD Changer

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My CD changer died today :( It's not a factory, and it is 4 years old now (kept it from my previolus car). It's a 12-disc Pioneer.

Anyways, I was listening to a CD and went to change to another disc, and I got an error. When I looked in my trunk, the CD was still slid out in the read position, and I couldn't get any part to move. I can't even get the cartridge out :(

Any ideas?
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My dad opened it up today to get the CD's out. While he was in there, he just cleaned it out and it started working again; for now.

It is getting old, so it may not last much longer anyways.
I was getting E-70. Which I think is categorized with E-60 in the manual. My dad also thinks there is probably a mechanical problem with mine, so we'll see if it happens again :(
i haven't checked. I hope i can still get this model somewhere if it does go bad, because i already have the brackets and cables in the right places. Just pop in a new changer and I'm good to go :)
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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