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Destroyed Nissan Sentra

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Destroyed him! thats all i got to say.
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Hey man ive f*cked around with a Metro before. I hate it when people with cars like that try racing. Its almost embarassing to race. :rolleyes:
IS i meant IS embarassing :)
Originally posted by LHSer:
You're lucky it wasn't a 1991 Sentra SE-R. No Intrepid would have a chance with those cars, unless you are driving an R/T. Bone stock they throw down low to mid 15s with some factory freaks pulling mid 14s.

Good kill in your case though.
Yes i think i accidentally raced one of those the other night not knowing what i was getting into. It was all dirty and shitty looking and he wanted to race. Needless to say he walked all over me...i beat him off the line till he shifted into second then he was gone...i got my ass handed to me by an ugly Nissan :) heh
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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