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Destroyed Nissan Sentra

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Destroyed him! thats all i got to say.
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yep i'm a bully but hey the guy was asking for it. He really thought he would beat me.

it was his idea to race not mine.
well this is a guy who goes to kent tech with me. He just got done putting some mods on his sentra and thought he could beat me. I laughed at him and he got mad and challenged me so we went out on 28th street.

stoped at a stop light and gunned it. he beat me off the lines and was ahead for about a sec. then my 2nd gear kicked in and i past him easily. the rest of the way he gradually got farther and farther away till i figured i've proved my point and slowed down.

theres my details
grand rapids michigan not much action up here:)

not a lot of peeps to race
thats awesome man
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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