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As stated earlier – and despite quotes to the contrary – Audi is increasingly serious about alternative propulsion. After pioneering direct injection and pushing the envelope of diesel technology, Audi is looking to electricity for its next round of innovations. And the fruits of its labors are coming this year.

In addition to the forthcoming hybrid Q5 (due to arrive this fall), Audi announced plans today to unveil the 2011 Audi A8 Hybrid at the Geneva Motor Show this March. All told, Audi will release eight new models in 2010 and hopes that its continued work in the diesel realm, coupled with its burgeoning image in the U.S., will thrust it over one million sales next year.

However, Audi of America President Johan de Nysschen said in no uncertain terms that, “We must say no” to technologies that don’t move the game forward. As such, Audi will not create any “mild” hybrids and instead focus its efforts on full gasoline-electric technology as they “share more relevencies to EVs and consumer expectations.” With products like the Q5 and A8 hybrid, the new interest in diesel technology in the States and the forthcoming e-tron, Audi has placed its bets and by the end of the decade, it needs them to pay off.


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