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didnt have a chance

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sitting at a light, look over and see a black buick regal, and im thinkin Grand naitonal...turbo. one look at a cowl in the hood of his car confirmed this....however, i figured "lets see how well we can keep up with mr. fastest american production car, 1987." light turns, dead even till i pull away real fast. i could hear his engine taching out too...well,pulled into a gas statino, he pulled in too to ask about my exhaust (because its really loud, especially under torque... i set off car alarms as i drive by) well, i asked him about his, and it turned out that regal was just a regal...not a turbo. ah well, bursted my bubble. love to have an 87 grand natl...
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My brother's best friend back in Canada picked up an '86 Gn back in '98 for about $8,000. He threw in about another 5K in engine, trans and chassis mods and regularily rips off very high 9, low to mid 10s in the 1/4. Completley stock interior too.

Hell..the aftermarket turbo he put on that thing looks like it could inhale your larger variety of farm animals.
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