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Discontinued Batteries for the 1st Gens? (CAA 34-C Premium Battery Rant)

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Back in January of 2017, I contacted CAA Roadside Assistance (Canadian equivalent of AAA) to replace the ailing Die Hard Gold battery that came with my 94 when I bought it (basically the battery wouldn't hold a charge anymore - the car had to be boosted in order for it to start). CAA graciously replaced the battery for about $200 and offered a 6-year warranty (first 3 years free replacement if found defective; afterwards the battery would be pro-rated).

Fast-forward to this week. I contact CAA by phone to inquire if a CAA Roadside tech could drive out to my house to inspect my battery to see if its still in optimal condition. The lady on the phone says yes, we can send a tech out, but don't expect a pro-rated replacement as your battery has been discontinued by CAA. Naturally, I was more than peeved to find out that the battery had been discontinued without any notice by CAA - after all, they always send out reminders when membership fees are due - they couldn't spend the extra postage to alert me that one of their products is no longer available? :mad: I even inquired as to how a battery could be discontinued - the lady simply answered that your car is too old for servicing by CAA.

Anyway, it's just another part that's been discontinued for the remaining 1st gens out there. I'm not sure if Mopar still carries batteries for the LH. Might have to go with NAPA when the time comes to replace the battery. For those interested, the part number for the CAA battery is 34-C.
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Late to the party, but Interstate Batteries (carried by many auto repair shops and some farm supply/hardware stores) also makes good quality batteries for the Intrepid/LH cars. Don't know if they are in Canada.
My local independed farm supply/hardware store has them and can order fresh ones in only a few days (date code sticker is on the battery). They may be just a bit more expensive than places like Autozone, but quality seems to be up to the old Sears DieHard brand. And the warranty is decent, especially if you do a warranty return at the repair shop where you bought it. Usually they have paper catalogs at the shops and stores, which still had all the LH car batteries lilsted last time I checked. As other posters have written, most of the battery brands in the US and Canada are probably made by just a few actual manufacturers like Exide and then brand labeled, but the quality that each brand orders from the makers varies from economy to high quality. And the quality it isn't just the cold cranking amp rating (has to do with the internal plate design). Consumer Reports magazine covers this periodically in their annual auto magazine issue with battery ratings (most libraries have the magazine or on-line paid access to the CR site).

Can't remember which Group number was for my 1994 3.3L, but the nice thing about the Interstate was that, unlike others in that group it exactly matched the OEM battery with two easy to remove water fill caps, (just pry up with screwdriver) and is not sealed so you can add distilled water in a dry climate. Some of the fill caps in the same battery group are odd-ball one piece caps that are harder to remove and reinstall. As I recall, when I got mine a couple of years ago, there were two styles/options from Interstate in the Group, one with the two OEM-style caps and one with the one-piece cap.
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