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Dodge dealers suck........

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Well, at least the 3 I've done business with have - mainly it's the service departments.
Get this - I've had my '99 Intrepid ES for a little more than a week, I noticed the day after I picked it up that the lights and dimmer switch didn't function. The lights always stayed on when the car was on, and the switch did nothing - couldn't use the fog lights. Also, the dash / overhead light dimmer did nothing. It's bad enough that the function of the car's LIGHTS weren't checked before the car was delivered to me - now I had to drive a half-hour both ways back to the dealership after an 11 hour workday. Anyway, I dropped it off yesterday and was given a 2K1 Neon ES as a loaner. I called today ( it was 4 p.m. and they hadn't called me yet ) and was told oh yea it's fixed, it was just an unplugged connection. Also the extra remote they were going to give won't be free because it's "special" and they have to order it, but they'll do it at dealer cost - gee thanks. Also they had JUST ordered the bottle of touch-up paint I asked them to get a week before I signed the papers, and he said he'd dupe me a key. I get to the dealer, oops sorry the guy who does the keys left right after we had talked on the phone ( how nice ), here's the keys have a nice day. I go out to my car, there's greasy handprints on the outside of the door - and multiple dirty boot prints ALL over the drivers-side floor and new floormats I just had bought. The thing was clean when I got it, AND I had just vacumed her and shined her up. I'm not being picky here either - this car was a MESS. I went back in and showed the sales manager, then proceeded to head back into the service dept. to talk to the service manager. We're really, really sorry, we'll take care of it. Take care of it? Why should I believe them NOW? So no, I didn't leave her there to get "cleaned" I wasn't about to leave in that Neon. Anyway, I just had to vent somewhere.

P.S. - I have tommorow off, and I'll spend all day on the phone with Chrysler if I have to - I WILL lodge a complaint.

Also, I'm thinking of telling them to shove their paint/remote/key up thier a** - I'll PAY for them before I drive back to that dealer again.
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remotes can usaully be found on Ebay, paint can be bought at any dealer, they key might be a couple $$ though, remember they have the computer chip in them

sorry for the problems, maybe this is why Artioli will never be a 5-star dealer
Man that sucks :( ...and it really makes me wanna take mine into the dealer tomorrow to have the 3 hours worth of front end work i need done :rolleyes:
After 4 Chryslers and 3 tries, I have finally found a good dealer!!! They were instrumental in giving my parents $14k for a '98 Gr. Caravan SE which was much more than it was worth to get my car. They went all out to make sure I was satisfied. Even gave me a CD player when I found that the only SE's they had were equipped with cassette only. How cool is that??
Lamarque dodge, #1 in 5 states, has definitely met and exceeded my expectations. Good dodge dealers DO exist, isn't it amazing??
I do agree about the who-gives-a-**** attitude toward keeping the car clean, car, with 450 miles on the odo, had an emissions leak. now, i wash and wax this car at least once a week, usually more, and the interior is immaculate. when i saw big nasty grease marks on the floormats i flipped out. "No Problem. Take this set." it was from a loaner car with 100 miles on it. Needless to say I am a satisfied customer.

People getting my car (other than passengers) always and will forever piss me off like nothing else. If i wanted boot prints I wouldn't have spent time cleaning it in the first place. grr
remotes can usaully be found on Ebay
Yea, actually Wildcat recommended this to me - I'll have to check it out.

sorry for the problems, maybe this is why Artioli will never be a 5-star dealer
The funny thing is that whole "5 star" thing is more about sales I think than anything else. All 3 dealers I've had negative experiences with ARE 5 star - including Artioli! They answer the phone "Artioli Dodge - your 5 star dealer" - and then transfer you to voicemail ( without even asking ) when the person cannot be reached - which is often. And the only time ANY damn car dealer ever seems to call you is when you DON'T want them calling. Like "I worked hard to get you this 16% financing, I'm hurt you want your deposit back" or "still interested in that gold Buick I saw you lean on, this is my 3rd call after all - you don't wanna miss out on this one". You get the idea.
My dealer did an oil change and someone left a greasy hand print on the passenger seat. I got a free detail from them when I complained and the car looked like it rolled off the truck again.
Well, I just got off the phone with a DC customer service rep. I explained my experience and lodged a complaint - he actually put me on hold and attempted to call the G.M. at Artioli Dodge while I was on the phone! I was told the District Manager and General Manager of the dealer will both be notified of my dissatisfaction. I've also read that part of being "5-star" ( what a joke ) certified means the dealer is supposed to contact the customer within 7 days of a sales or service job and survey them. Now that I think about it Carter Dodge did always call me a few days after, Artioli did not. Now's the part where they try and kiss my a** and tell me "we'll give you free oil changes" or something like that, but I'm not having it. Too late guys, you've lost me as a customer. If it takes this much B.S. to get what should come as the defacto standard ( i.e. - good service ), forget about it.
There are good Dodge dealers out there. The two that I have had experience with, Wayland Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge (where I bought my car), and Sterling Heights Dodge (where I now get it serviced) have always been very professional.
There are good Dodge dealers out there.
Oh, I'm sure there are - I just have yet to come across any of them. I've heard Bolles Motors in Ellington, Ct. has a great service department - but the salesperson I dealt with didn't want to help me at all so I didn't buy my car there. It's close by though and has late hours, I'll probably get any service work done there. No free loaners though I don't think ( big suprise ), not too many Dodge dealers around here have them.
there was a topic on this like 2-3 months ago. and yes dodge dealer ships suck some are good i depends who the person is. i got lucky and had this young ass cool guy, and he hooks it up with discounts. and every oil change he makes them wash and detail my car inside and out for free. now thats service.

you see it just depends on the car. now say you go to a mercedes cadillac or lexus delaership and you get treated like a king.

i think it was like 2 weeks ago my father bought the escelade and he told if i could go and get the oil change done for him. so i did and at this cadillac dealer ship they had snacks for free. complimentry internet use. and they had a pool table to play while youre waiting.

Same thing as the mercedes and lexus dealerships. I think dodge needs to become like this. because when you buy a car youre going to come to this places for oil changes tune ups and etc. and if they dont treat you write then they will loose alot of money. because you can always go somewhere else
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I don't blame you for being pissed- I'd ream them too. There are some good dealers out there. I've dealt with 2 in the Baltimore/DC area (Thompson Dodge and Herb Gordon Dodge) and have a great relationship with the service department. I've had more experience with Thompson's but actually enjoy dealing with them. What's even better is they treat my wife just as well with no bullshit, and if they don't have it ready I almost always get a freebie (rental). No complaints from my end. Hope you find a good one, you don't have to deal with the one you bought it from.
Well now there's even more to the story. I noticed on Friday that the dash wasn't even put in correctly! The far right top snap connector was sitting under where it should go, leaving about a 1/4 in. gap on that side. Also, the two screws on the left ( under the fuse door ) weren't even halfway in! It took me about 10 minutes of careful "unsnapping" and I had her back together good as new - AND I did it without getting dirty footprints everywhere! This morning I went over to Carter Dodge, who for the record I've never really had a problem experience-wise with ( and they have loaners! ), it's just the tranny they put into my Shadow lasted only 10K miles before it needed yet a 3rd one, and I always sort of assumed they must have put it in wrong. Anyway I went there to get the remote and touch-up paint ( my color officially is "Bright Metallic Platinum", btw - not silver ) Artioli was supposed to give me ( they have YET to call me after I filed that complaint ) and I also picked up a front Dodge badge 'cause mine was falling off. Oh yea, AND when I was cleaning out Artioli's mess I noticed there was no rubber cover on the brake pedal, so I had them order me one of those too. The guy who's always behind the parts counter is really cool, we BS'ed about how nice Trep's are - he told me that after his neighbor drove his two weeks later he traded in his Lexus for one! After paying for the stuff I turned around and went back in because I forgot to get an extra key made. He made one for me and told me "no charge", then we chatted some more and I mentioned how I wanted a net for the trunk. He had one sitting there and gave it to me for $10 off to boot. I didn't even buy my car there and this was the kind of service I got, Artioli could REALLY take a lesson from those guys.

P.S. - In the parking lot I noticed a guy cleaning out his Toyota Camry, he was trading it in for a 4-door Dakota. That made me happy.
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hey, i finally guessed a color correctly. notice the pic i posted near the end of the thread "about to buy a 99 silver..."
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