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there was a topic on this like 2-3 months ago. and yes dodge dealer ships suck some are good i depends who the person is. i got lucky and had this young ass cool guy, and he hooks it up with discounts. and every oil change he makes them wash and detail my car inside and out for free. now thats service.

you see it just depends on the car. now say you go to a mercedes cadillac or lexus delaership and you get treated like a king.

i think it was like 2 weeks ago my father bought the escelade and he told if i could go and get the oil change done for him. so i did and at this cadillac dealer ship they had snacks for free. complimentry internet use. and they had a pool table to play while youre waiting.

Same thing as the mercedes and lexus dealerships. I think dodge needs to become like this. because when you buy a car youre going to come to this places for oil changes tune ups and etc. and if they dont treat you write then they will loose alot of money. because you can always go somewhere else
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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