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I contacted a place in Elk River (not too far from me) that does metal work, including laser etching.

They are willing to produce a product similar to the one Don pointed out in the buy/sell/trade section. They are willing to make it in any design we want, and variations as well.

What I need is ideas for what the plaques should say/look. I'm thinking simple with the Ram Head logo, with the Chrysler Pentastar and perhaps just simply Dodge with the Ram Head logo.

What do you guys think? They need to know how many people are interested and the size of the product. (So someone go measure thier airbag sticker. :) )

Get back to me ASAP so I can whip us some designs to e-mail to them. Thanks. :)

PS. This company recently etched pieces of beam from the WTC with the names of the firefighters and policemen that were killed. These were given to the station houses in NYC.

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They should be able to radius the corners without a problem. Are they just going to be made out of aluminum?? Or don't you quite know just yet?

I would like Dodge or Intrepid. I am not too picky. I just don't want to be warned that I may be killed anymore!! :rolleyes:

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