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Does Any one have....?

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Does anyone have a fold down center arm rest in their back seat like some of the 2nd gens do? the reason I ask is I was wondering how hard they are to find like that if at all possible [planning to look in junkyards, etc.] I wanna do a sub setup like this guys: Robbie'o's Dodge

Cept I'm not sure what amps and subs to use...

I'm actually building this system peice by piece, Right now im trying to find the right Head unit, then im gonna get 2 subs and 1 amp, and build my own sub box, then later gonna get more amps, upgrade electrical, and upgrade other speakers etc.

I'm gonna post another topic on what head unit to use...

so anyway, if anyone has this kind of back seat or knows what kind of back seat the 1st gens were available with, I'd really like to know.
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My ES doesn't have a center arm rest. As far as I know it was an option for all first gen trep's.
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