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I've gotten a lot of great feedback from these forums, so I thought I would throw this out here as well.

I'm looking into doing a custom double-din job as both a learning experience (on a spare bezel from eBay) and because I don't want to keep having to stick a GPS to my window.

I'm trying to find a good guide of sorts on how I might go about the modifications. I've seen talk of using plastic filler, fiberglass, mdf, etc., and it's been a bit frustrating finding a good starting position. I see these progress images with these perfectly formed openings..., but nothing useful for my own attempt.

So far the best I have found is guides on doing sub enclosures and professional complete-dash replacements.

I'm not looking to do anything flashy. I just want it to look clean and smooth in the end. (I'll be doing a dash replacement, so I'm not worried about the color/texture not matching.)

Edit: One of the big questions that I haven't seen answered is what kind of bracket do you use to secure the unit? How is it switched out, etc.
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