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I've been trying to use a paint touchup kit to deal with the numerous paint chips on my car hood. Dot in the primer, let it cure; dot in the basecoat, hope it doesn't lift the primer; dot in the tint coat; dot in the clear; and then a week later notice that the repair is wearing off and I can see a ring of primer. It's frustrating.

Well, searching around I discovered this Dr. Colorchip kit ( Looks way too good to be true. One step, smear it over all the chips, wait 5 minutes, use their cleaner to buff off the excess, and done. Anyone here try it on their Trep, especially the metallic colors (mine is Candy Apple Red)?

$65 for the kit is way cheaper than a hood respray, but I already blew $45 on the last touchup kit so if anyone here had a big "nay, nay" I wanted to hear it first. :)


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