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1994 3.3L Emerald Green Pearl Dodge Intrepid ES
-36,987 (6/6/04)
-37,138 (6/18/04)
-37,375 (7/12/04)
-37,455 (7/18/04)
-37,457 (7/26/04)
-37,501 (8/19/04)
-37,508 (8/20/04)
-37,617 (8/30/04)
-38,007 (9/29/04)
-39,025 (2/25/05)
-39,995 (4/13/05)
-Now it’s over 40! :(
-40,887 (5/13/05)
-43,003 (7/25/05)
-44,281 (10/7/05)
-45,505 (12/10/05)
-45,748 (12/22/05)
-46,803 (3/31/06)
-47,469 (5/17/06)
-47,637 (5/23/06)
-47,729 (6/1/06)
-48,212 (6/29/06)
-48,264 (7/3/06)
-48,456 (7/14/06)
-48,586 (7/24/06)
-49,054 (8/16/06)
-49,399 (9/5/06)
-49,562 (9/14/06)
-49,763 (10/31/06)
-49,922 (11/2006)
-Over 50! :crying:
-50,716 (7/13/07) (Friday the 13th!)

Click for more pics

-5% tint all around windows and 5% for the windshield strip ~ approximately 8 inches (tested at 3%)
--added 12/22/05 : tint over center brake light (had to remove back seat)
--I get pulled over quite a bit for that stuff...
-LED Reverse Lights
-Viper remote start 2-way paging security system
--Radar Eyes (motion sensor), priority unlock, pain generators
-Sylvania Silverstar Head Lights
-Sylvania Silverstar Fog Lights
-Homelink Visor
-Optima Red Top Battery
-'Removed' Rearview Mirror
-Alpine CDA-9815 HU - 27w RMS/60w peak
--XM/MP3/WMA/CD-R/RW, 3 preouts, RUE-4187 remote; built in EQ, time correction, and crossover
-Alpine Type S 5.25" in front doors, 6x9s in back, 3.5s in dash
--'custom' fit with mlkmgr's help :)
-2 10 inch Alpine Type-S 2Ω+2Ω subs (SWS-1022D)
-Alpine MRP-M450 (400x1 @ 2Ω )
-"SubZone" ported box
--Monster CBC3 Positive/Negative Competition Battery Clamps, 1.0 Farad Monster DigiCap, Monster Interlink 401XLN Interconnect; 1000 Watt 4-Gauge Multi Amplifier Connection Kit
-LED License Plate Lights
-Complete transmission +3 fluid flush and filled with +4
-Cobra radar detector
--’Mini’ filters instead of connecting hose
-Shaved all front and side emblems
-OE Optional 16 inch wheels with Yokohama AVID Tires (225/60/16)
-Tokico Performance Gas-filled Struts (front & rear)
-Leather shift knob
-Fixed shift interlock recall
-Dynamat Xtreme on license plate and 4 doors along with trunk bottom, lid, & sides
-Dynamat Dynaxorb Speaker Kit
-Royal Purple Synthetic Oil
--Mobile 1 Oil Filter
-Removed cover from trunk light

-Comming Soon!-
-Front and rear KVR Performance slotted rotors (awaiting installation)
-Bendix CT-3 front and rear brake pads
-Bodywork (shaving etc.)
-Hidden antenna in dash
-Homelink Visor Custom Modifications
-Foglight mod
-Dual exahust


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"Removed Rearview Mirror"


Dain bramaged
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i still don't understand why you don't ever want to see out your windows.. 5% and then you plan on another layer of 5%.. jeez.. why not just paint over em. would be cheaper..

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just another layer of 5 on the back sides, like another layer of 35 or 20 on the back, leave the front alone or make it 5 instead of the 7 or so

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nhogan said:
....i wish iowa laws didnt require front plates
I havent gotten a ticket for it yet!
(I also live in iowa)

Dain bramaged
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when i had my VW, i ran around with out the front tag.. I got pulled over often *no mufflers or anything does that* and only 1 cop asked me about the tag.. i told em the bumper fell off in my yard and i was waiting on new bolts for it *this was a 1971 bug, and it looked like parts would fall off*

he bought it.. he also bought my excuse why i didn't have a muffler.. *officer the carb is fried, it keeps fillin the stock mufflers with fuel and then blowing them apart, i'm waiting on the new carb before i put a muffler on it*

Speed is Power
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lol, thats cool, i like the look with out one on, but then again, theres another reason for a cop to pull me over.

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if you just take it off, your going to have saome fairly nasty looking holes in there... at least mine did.
I got a whole new bumper.....

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here is my motor...

I tryed to get everything in this pic, intake, optima battery, gold batt terms; if you know what your looking for you can even see the side of the alarm siren facing down right next to the intake filter and my magnetic fuel thing held on with zip ties in the middle/back...... this was the other day so I'm sorry it's so dirty it hasen't been cleaned for the summer yet! :)
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