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Dual Kill

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Kinda new here so bear with me.
I've only had my 2001 R/T for a couple of months. Part of the reason I bought it this summer was that I was planning a trip to South Carolina to see my number 2 daughter graduate from Basic Combat Training at Ft Jackson in Columbia SC.
2563 miles in 5 days.
During the return trip we were back in Texas on I20 somewhere near Longview and the traffic was making 75 to 80 and I wanted to make a little time. I'm caught in a little group that is blocking flow (How stupid do you have to be not to understand passing lane?) In my rear view and coming FAST is a black Nissan 300zx followed by a late model Camero, also black. Now I have my 15 year old daughter (#3) and her mother with me for the trip with mom in the back and KC in the front and wasn't looking to race loaded as we were. On the other hand I was wanting to get through the slower traffic just as much as the Nissan and Camero were. In the course of getting free of the slow down the Nissan bullied his way to the front and took off but the Camero stayed behind me till we cleared the traffic. From about 70 I accelerated and realized that the Camero was closer than I wanted. So, I kicked it hard, WFO. And pulled away from the Camero steadly until I decided 110 was fast enough. The Chevy seemed content to follow me after he finally caught up and I took him to find the Z. It was caught behind the inevidable next dumbass in the wrong lane driving side by side with another car. I closed on him and maintained somthing between too close and proper following distance until he got clear of the slower car and he took off again. I figured what the hell, and once again dropped the hammer on the R/T. Almost instantly I knew I was going to pass! Which I did, in the right lane since he didn't get over (not sure he knew I was coming) As we drove on by him, just easing on buy you understand, my daughter looked over at the passenger in the 300 and started laughing hard. She told me that the passenger just kept looking at the Intrepid and then at the driver of the Z and back at the Intrepid and back at the driver with the look of great astonishment on his face. At about 115 I feathered the throttle and held that speed for a couple of miles. The two black cars remained behind me until I cleared the next car in the slow lane where I moved right and returned to a more reasonable speed, letting the Nissan and Chevy have the road. I believe they got the point.
Frankly I was surprised by the whole event, though I am sure that the Z was the non turbo car or if not there was something wrong with it. Still. . . . . . I felt pretty good about it. It was my first real Kill since I gave up the 74 Challenger that I spent so much money and time on in the late 70's and early 80's. Had to give it up on account of all those kids.
For the record, the R/T was as stable and steady at 115 as 65. The speedometer being the biggest diff.
BTW, if you get the chance to drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway between Ashville NC and Cherokee (which marks the southern extreme of the parkway) Do it. Never got over 60 mph, mostly 40 - 45 and was the most fun I've had in longer than many of you have had you license to drive. Awesome. Though I thought that the kids mother was going to get an ulcer trying to help me watch the road while I videotaped a good section. :D

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Sounds like fun. Good kills. :)

I love racing on the freeway. I love the feeling of my car kicking down a gear or two, the feeling in the small of my back and the audible rush of the engine, exhaust and wind.

Man...who needs crack when I have that!?!
The 1st gen's have a surprisingly low coeffiecient of drag, so combined with the amount of power the 3.5L has I would say 130 isn't out of the question.
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