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Dyno, Anyone?

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With all this talk of K&N I'd like to see someone run out to the dyno at sears tire or whathaveyou... lets see some numbers. This discussion has gone far enough without adding some new data.

I mean sh1t, once I get some upgrades done I'm gonna run out there and check it much more validation of a job well done could you get?

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The best fighter in the world is the SU-37 Super Flanker Bigger than a F-15. Can out turn and F-16, do the Cobra at 200 ft and Shot missle`s behind its self. Carrries 14 AA Missle`s and a 30mm Cannon with laser sighting in the Pilots visor. He turns his head and the missle tracks and homes on the bad guys jet. Over 1,800 miles and hour and very fast climb rate. The only two other jets that can out climb it are the mach 3+ plus Mig 31 Foxhound and the US super secret mach 7+ Aurora spy plane. The only Dyno data i have on my cone KN is about 3 hp max. My Dakota was about the same 3 to 5 hp.
Yes our trannys suck power like my wx wife sucked money out of my wallet. The dodge trucks are the same. My Dakota V-6 magnum Dynoed 105 hp stock at the rear wheel it was rated 175 hp. The Dyno numbers i have seen for the 5.9 magnum in the Dakota R/T`s stock at the rear wheel 160 to 170 hp and they are rated 250 hp. We are lossing more like 40% of our power from out auto trannys. And back to the Jet`s a SU-37 well smoke a F-22 in a turn and out climb it. And as for as being stealthy yes the F-22 is but only to new narrow band phased radars. SU-37 and Mig 31`s have Broad band radars that are streered from the fixed postion. the F-14 has to move the dish in the nose and at one height. The SU-37 and Mig 31 is at 0 to 120,000 feet any thing caught it auto locksup and they can data link between selfs and share the info. No US fighter can data link between another US fighter they have to have a AWCS airborn radar to. which has to stay way back from the battle field. and are slow. 10 Mig 31 can fly at Mach 3 100 miles apart and scan over a 1,000 mile wide zone and use their 150 mile range to shot any thing they see. The SU-37 has canrds and thrustvectoring. It can fly side ways at over 1,500 mph and shot at you. The only plus on the F-22 is the better electronics. But i have seen the ex Soviet jammers would burn right through the Electronic Pkg. If the F-22 was over its home ground it would win but over the Su -37 home ground it would lose. Plus they have over 500 Su-35 and 37`s we have how many F-22 a hand few that are still getting the bugs out. Plus the F-22 motors are smoke big time in full power. And there pilots are very good. They and their army in WW2 out fought the Germans. And the Germans had 80 percent of their Panzer Armys and Airforce on the Eastern Front. The only time the changedthat was at the battle of the Budge and they Kick our ass`s with only limited fuel. and they only moved 15 percent for a total of 35 percent of their Army. Never under estimate your enemy he will bite you in the ass every time ask Napoleon Bonaparte and Hilter.
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Darkside half the US F-16 are down all the time because they are a nightmare to work on the F-18 are the same the more stuff you but in the more it breaks down. If you saw Soviet jets the are very easy to work on they can take off from dirty strips no way most US fighters can they would break their landing gear. All so half the **** you read in books and see on the the TV are wrong. F-22 cant turn side was and shot at you at 1,500 miles and hour the wings would fall off. Just like the F-18 can only carry half the bomb load they can carry because the Tails would fall off. Soviet stuff are made much stronger than many US jets. Makes them heavy and get shorter ranges but they can take a lot more damge than the US fighters. Look at the old WW2 Russian IL2 Shturmovik it could be hit by 20 mm ,30 mm and 40 mm cannon shells and make it back to base. Some of them had over 500 bullitt and cannon shells in them and they still fly. They now have the SU-25 Frogfoot ground attack jet like our A-10 they both are great jets. Some of our stuff is better and some of there stuff is better. But dont think for a min that every thing we have is better. The CIWS on US warships Suck the radar cant lock on worth a **** and the cannon jams all the time. The pair we had on the US JFK were junk. In 3 years they never pass one test. On the other hand the AIM 5 Phoenix missle worked great we had a 94 percent kill rate in live fire tests. Our Subs are better but our torps suck just like WW2 they hit but dont go off and have very small warheads.
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