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Early 90's Maxima

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OK, now I'm not one to race much since I only have the 2.7 (with FloPro muffler and a derivitive of GR8WHT's intake though), but in this situation, I would give it my all. It started when this early 90's maxima just about pulled out in front of me until he figured out that I wasn't going THAT slow (30 mph speed limit). He pulls out behind me and tailgates me through an intersection where I took a left turn (and so did he). I accelerated moderately and so did he, and once we got over a bridge (by this time I was going 50mph which is 10 over the limit) he tried to pass. This was perfect because 50mph is a nice speed to kick it down into 2nd. Normally I don't care if someone passes me, but if I'm already going over the speed limit, especially 10 over, he's gonna have to earn it. Anyways, since he got the early jump to pass me, his headlights got up to my front quarterpanel, but then he started fading back and by the time I hit 90, he was one car length back... then he let off and I did too shortly after. All in all a good race. He didn't flash his high beams, no flyby, no more tailgating... I soon turned off the road and he pretty much quietly went on his way. I'm not sure of the specifics, it was at night. I'm guessing possibly the upscale v6 model because it had factory fog lights and descent rims (didn't look aftermarket)? most base models of cars don't get factory fog lights or real rims. I think the v6 for that model got 190hp... not sure of the other specs on it though. But either way, that's my two cents and pretty good coming from a base model Intrepid. As a foot note, to those of you who have the modified intake... DOESN'T IT SOUND SWEET?!? I love going under overpasses with my windows down and kicking it down into a lower gear so I can hear the echoes of my intake against the concrete. Well enough rambling, there's my kill. Probably going to be one of the only ones you see on here. :)
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Hell I love Mustangs too, but the base price on a 3.5L V6 Altima with a 5 speed is just over $22,000. For that price you get power locks, windows, air, tilt/telescope, cruise, AM/FM/CD etc etc etc. (Check out if you need proof.)

Pretty good bargain.

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Unless I am mistaking, Peugot bought a large stake in Nissan a couple years back, assumed the debt and proceded to clear it off.

According to Japanese business law, no one entity is allowed to own more than 33% of a publicly traded business, so of course that means that 33% is the controlling interest.
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