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Ok, I'm finally re-installing my Metra (44-PW22) power antenna.

I'm 90% done after an hours work, just need to re-run the power leads and install a relay I bought so that the antenna goes down when the trunk lid is open. Probably another 2 hours, you know how electrical work goes......

However, there is an electrical box, either a junction or a relay, about 2 inches to the rear of the antenna mounting position inside of the right-rear panel. There are four heavy 10ga wires going in and out of it, the wires are wrapped up in the same sub-harness as the antenna signal cable.

Any idea what that might be? The last time I was in that area was 2+ years ago and I must have ignored the box then.


Oh, this install is going so damned easy and the car looks so nice without an antenna sticking up that it might be worth a short How-To. $75 (antenna from Crutchfield, short adapter cable from Circuit City), 3 hours of time, and your factory antenna stick is replaced with a black power antenna. Minimal hand tools, no scraped knuckles, etc, etc. Easy.
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