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Well first and fore most hello I am new to the forums but not to intrepids, my first one was a 1993 (built in 1992 one of the first off the line and was completely base)
my new intrepid is a 1999 ES fully loaded with every feature they could cram into it.
The '99 has the 3.2L and is cranberry in colour but now onto the issue I am having.
I just bought the car and have been going through it fixing what I find not working, so far the major issues have been electrical.

first is the ATC display fading in and out and the other issue is the one that worries me more, my rear center brake light wont come on I replaced the bulbs but no go, now here is the next odd thing, the power trunk didn't work when I bought the car however just recently it started to work as I pulled it apart and put it back together now when I hit the button on the remote for the trunk it will open but the center light flickers when the trunk opens BUT if you hit the brakes the light doesn't light up and the trunk release doesn't work either. I'm thinking it's a bad ground but I'm not sure. any help would be greatly appreciated.

just to outline the main issue in this story:
the center light doesn't work when you hit the brake pedal
the trunk release doesn't work when on the brakes
when off the brakes the trunk will open with the button or remote
when you use the electric trunk release (using either the button or the remote) the center brake light flickers.
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