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I've posted about these products before, but I just had to do it again...

The wifes' KJ wouldn't start this morning. Dead as a doorknob. Put the charger on the battery and with a 6 amp charge the smart charger showed a short across the battery.

WTF?? 3.5 years old, 31k miles, always garaged (even at work), never sits outside in the winter. Engine compartment pretty clean including the battery.

So I dug out my Caig Labs 'survival kit', pulled every relay out of the Liberty, sprayed and cleaned all the contacts, did the same to the relay sockets, and put everything back.

Fired right up.

Just for giggles, I repeated the treatment on the battery posts even though those were clean as a whistle. We noticed right away that some nasty AM static in the radio (that we lived with for 3 years) is gone. I'm going to pull the radio out this weekend and spray down the electrical and antenna contacts.

The 'trep is due some pre-winter TLC and I might just repeat the work there too.

For you old-timers out there (me included), Caig Labs products were originally sold as the various 'Cramoline' formulations, the new trade name is 'DeOxIT'.

Have fun out there..............
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