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Engine fault codes!

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Ran into a problem yesterday with my 2002 equiped with the 3.5 liter. Filled up with gas, and a few minutes later stopped to pick up some groceries. Whe I tried to start the beast, she turned over, but no fire. Did this 4 or 5 times and no luck. I waited fro about 5 minutes, wondering what the hell was wrong, and then she started up as if there was no problem at all?

I got the little engine indicator lit on the dash, solid, not flashing, which according to the manual is o.k. They say items like was the gas cap lose, etc. By time I got home, started the car again and the engine light stayed off. I figured o.k., maybee she did not like the gas, whatever. I then found the section on how to pull the diagnostic codes, and I get 0340 (No camshaft signal being received by the computer) and then 0335. I wll take the beast in today, but am wondering what the 335 code stands for? It is not listed, is this somthing new for the 2002's.

Anyone have an idea what a 335 code stands for?

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2002 ES with a 3.5L?? Do you have an r/t or a 3.2L ??
Originally posted by gary680:
2002 ES with a 3.5L?? Do you have an r/t or a 3.2L ??
In 2002 they got rid of the 3.2. The ES and R/T both get a 3.5, however, the R/T's 3.5 is more powerful.
I know this will sound dumb. But make sure your gas cap is on tight. Some cars will not run or start because cap is lose and the fuel pump will not build the right psi for the TBI. Or for the emission systems for the car. If you look under your car by the gas tank you will see 4 or 5 gas like lines. most of these are for Emissions. And is the cap is not tight the it does something to the Emissions controls and the car will not run. You said you just filled the car with gas. Hope fully this is the problem easy to fix. How do like the 2002 with the low output 3.5. Have you heard of any 0 to 60 times or 1/4 mile times with this motor?
Checked the gas cap and all is well. Have a call into the dealership to see what the codes are, hopefully find out what the mystery code is.

Have not had a chance to do any real 0-60 or 1/4 mile runs, as we have about 2-3 feet of snow on the ground. I did drive both the R/T and the new 3.5 before the snow hit the ground, and found virtually no difference between the 2, except for about $2,000.00. Also, the only R/T's you saw in the dealership lots were the silver ones, without many extras. I would have loved a white one, but I was looking at a 2 month wait to get one. As my neon had blown a head gasket, cam shaft, cam bearing and first gear on the tranny, I did not have much time to make a decision.

Once I find out what the mystery 335 code is, I will post. It may apply to the 3.5 only, who knows...
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