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Hey guys as you have seen on the forums there has been numerous wrecks. i tought i d like to share something with you guys.

Just yesterday i was leaving my store cruising on a two lane road well i was going maybe 10 mph over the speedlimit. anyways there is a road were cars can merge on to this road. so this lady was impatient and as i cross the green light she merges on to this road. instead of staying on her lane she gets into mine while she is doing probably 20 im doing 60 i slam on my brakes i think i was like 2 inches from hitting this stupid *****. then she takes the damn right lane. she did a illegal lane change and she didnt put her signal. the nerver of people these days.

i just wanted to say everyone drive carefully becuase we are approching the holidays and you will see drunk drivers and stupid people. :mad: :mad: :mad:
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