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I knew id get youre attention anyways i found a good site for avatars of all sorts here is the web page

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Check out the Sex Buddies. The beer one's And the Drug ones very hilarious. Hehe :D :D
Nice, thanks man, I think I'm gonna grab me one too. That's off the hook wu! :D

Later guys

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LMAO Good one Mopar Performance Yeah i like the one i like. But i like it better in real life from some HOES HEHE :D :D :D
Hell naaw, you really started somethin' wu! Look at all these poppin' up on this site! It's so freakin funny!

They're great, much more entertaining....!

Later guys
Yeah, I'd have to admit wu's is the funniest!!!
bling bling :D
Thanks bro. you should meet in real life , Youll laugh youre ass off man ;) ;)
that's a good one too pimped, I like dat' one bro!
Im going to stick with the one Charles made me, I like it.thanks man.
Some don't look as good.

<= for example. Can't see it, too small. Doesn't show detail. And lose the words below.
You probably shouldn't link the images from that site. They'll take a lot of hits from here. Save them and host them yourselves.
Allready one step ahead of that. Yeah there some really funny ones on there.

The graphics may suck but they sure are hilarious
I got mine :)
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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