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Exhaust Question

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Hey the last topic on exhaust confused me a bit with people not sure on weither they took of the muffler or resonator. The muffler goes sideways, midway under the car. Its input is on the passenger side and exit is on the drivers side. The resonator is the "muffler" looking device at the end of the system at the rear bumper. Now that everyone agrees on that, has anyone tried keeping the stock muffler, then removing the resonator and heard what it sounds like. Also has anyone heard what the stock muffler sounds like with another muffler such as a flowmaster 40 or 50 series in place of the resonator at the same time. I'm not ready to rip apart my exhaust system and start welding things on until i know what it would sound like? They don't have to be sound clips, just in words would be ok. Thanks! :D
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that prob won't do anything. if you leave the stock mufler on, putting the FM on there won't do anything, take of the muffler and put the FM on will ahve a nice sound liek mine. but if you just take off the res and put the FM there u won't get anything
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