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New to this site. I am into mostly F-body cars (camaros and firebirds) but i thought i'd give this a try.

just your basic 1994 concorde, it's pretty well loaded, has an ABS light on b/c my buddy wrecked a speed sensor doing a brake job. runs good, bought it not running (head gasket problems) and put a new/used engine from an intrepid in it. car has just over 100k on it i think, and motor has about 90k on it. car is white. interior is ok, a couple stains and cigarette burns, but nice other than that. I drove the car to work and back for a few weeks just to make sure it was decent after i did the motor swap. A/C needs to be recharged. Steering is tight. has a nice aftermarket CD player in it, but i think a CD is jammed inside. tuner works fine though. I did a kelly blue book on it and came to somewhere close to $3000, but i only want $2500 for it OBO. pretty much power everything. car is white, grey interior. runs smooth, very quiet on the freeway. has the 3.5 liter option instead of the wimpy 3.3 liter. according to research i did, the 3.5 was one of the best chrysler motors made in that time period. car has something like 218hp. it's a sunday cruiser though.. nothing sporty. I could take pics if interested. Located between Milwaukee and Chicago. Feel free to make an appointment to come look!
262-515-4321 cell, leave a message if no answer, i work 6 days a week and the phone is always in my pocket. $2500obo
(i could also supply the VIN if anyone wants to run a carfax report on it)
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