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I'm happy to say that we have a new fantasy Nascar champion, Team 77. Three years and 3 different champions. I thought we had a great turnout again this year and I hope everyone will come back in February to play again. Now for the rundown of points.

1 Team 77 9,909
2 OneFore9 9,781
3 Joe Canuks Nascar team 9,616
4 Go_#12_Intrepid 9,237
5 bigdaddy racin' 9,031
6 The Dodge Boys 9,010
7 dabirdZ 8,990
8 BCintrepids 8,896
9 BowTie_BlowOut 8,823
10 Mother's Finest 8,606
11 ramtrep40 8,188
12 MrDeeds Speeders 5,426
13 Bowtieguy's Team 4,167
14 Gazetowardthesky 3,866
15 Fearless Intrepid's 3,452
16 Maverick9110E 3,263
17 Brickyard 3,021
18 ZERO COOL 2,020
19 trepid2001 1,890

Now for the prizes - I need the top 5 finishers to email me, or pm me the following information:

Fantasy league name user name (or if a friend of a member - the members name)
Real name
shipping address zipcode included
t-shirt sizes (just in case)
favorite driver

*SPECIAL NOTE* Since I'm the 5th place guy, I forfeit my winnings to the next guy down the ladder(as I have done in the past!) So "The Dodge Boys " make sure you send me your info.

I try to be fair when it comes to the prizes but it really depends on what I can mange to "acquire" from the prize closet. I try to get them out as soon as possible but realistically they usually ship out in about a couple weeks before Christmas. Please keep this in mind if you want them shipped to another address.

Now everyone get ready, I want y'all back here in February!!
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