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:director: This is such a gem find for only $14.97! I've had them couple of weeks now and can report no problems.

15-2146 - 6-in-1 with Macro learning & learning modes with female voice prompts. Pre-code 45 page manual and auto scan codes. There is also a replay button too. I use this with my Hauppauge MediaMVP and used the learning mode with macro buttons along with standard buttons. I can set the above to auto backlight or off as shown above. It can give the MediaMVP sleep features actually all devices can have that if they don't have it already.

For more info how it works I wrote a review about it here:

Tested with all of the following... I've purchased 5 of them..

Network Media Streaming
5x Hauppauge Media MVP - use learning mode with macros...
2x Helius Media MVP - use learning mode with macros...

Dolby Digital/DST Surround Sound Recievers (default) AUD is setup for Pioneer - use learning on 3 macros
1x Pioneer VSX 608D
1x Pioneer VSX 509S
1x Pioneer VSX 490

DVD/Recorders - pre-codes and learning mode macros
1x LiteOn DVD/DVD Recorder LW-5101
1x Toshiba DVD 5-DISC
1x Philip Divx DVD/Player

Digital Cable Boxes with or without SD/HDTV and DVR - used pre-codes and learning for two macros
1x Motorola DCT 2000
1x Motorola DCT 6200
1x Motorola DCT 6412
1x Motorola DCT 6416

1x Emerson EWL3706 HDTV Widescreen TV - pre-codes
1x Trutech PLV1615T U - 15" Thin LCD TV - learning mode and macros
1x Daewoo 13" TV - pre-code
1x Quasar 13" TV/Combo - pre code
1x Panasonic 36" TV -pre code
1x Pansonic 27" TV - pre code
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