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******'s sig thread

kyb gr 2 struts
eibach springs
new improved headlights on the way
clear corner lenses on the way
100w fogs
l.e.d brake bulbs
fog deflector removed
factory spoiler being painted
300m razorstars thanks to keith [kcarlos2000] about to be on the way
custom made badge for my otis bahama metallic blue
custom made cold air intake
blue otis display
automatic temperature control
custom shifter booty
car was debadged
column to floor shifter to autostick
second generation leather shifter
white leather armrest
1996 es prem bcm
bucket seats
concord headliner wit long board otis
nightshaded tails
headlight covers thanks to dabirdzrt
auto dim mirror thanks to dabirdzrt
remote keyless entry x2 key fob
factory alarm
vent visors for side windows
blue bulbs installed into headlinder
eagle vision cluster installed wit a/s reading sanded the back took all the green off and put blue 194's all of em
electric trunk popper believe it or not it didnt come wit one
es nose and wheels
autostick mod complete
xplod head unit cdx-fw570
xplod 6x9's
oz audio componet door speakers
audiobahn 560rms mono amp
2 12" rf punches h series
completly repainted wit ppg paint
airbrush design is house of color paint wit there glow in the dark cleer coat on the ram head


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-BCIntrepid messed up his first one. Let's try keeping this one to only commenting on ******'s mods! Lol.


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****** you got offline before i came back with my good bad news. I dont need a coil from you. :)

Im going to have to drive to PA when my 3.5 gets back up and see your car in person.

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-You can get them from AAP for $40 NEW! Seriously though ******, I wasn't kidding about my trade for your car. Hell, I'll pay for the transferring of all the cars! Get those rims on there, that's all I got on it. Gold isn't really matching.

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Hey you! whats up as i said before i will say again im lovin the car and you have put alot of hard work into it and it shows great job!!
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