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After the new INJ's installed. Bad run Conditions Temp 91.71 and a Dew point of 76
Max Hp 233.14
Max Tq 295.58
Stock Hp at the crank 215 and TQ 245
Stock at the wheel
Max Hp 161.15
Max Tq 209.49

So a total gain of Hp 71.99 and TQ of 86.09 at the wheels. So around 287 hp and 331 Tq at the crank not to bad with just KN Cai, Tune, bigger fuel pump and bigger Inj's.
So on the road at 15 to 20 mph floor it. And it spins the wheels for a 10 feet or so:strong: At the end of a down ramp it is hitting 100 mph. She is way faster than my 300M Dammit.
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