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If you're looking to get the maximum safety for you and your passengers and get excellent road traction in any we, make sure to get your old worn-out set of winter tires replaced immediately. For your convenience, we’ve gathered all applications made by the big-name tire companies in one place. All winter performance tires showcased at are manufactured from the finest quality rubber compounds and come in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

*** Take a glance at all options suitable for your Dodge Intrepid here.

The new set of winter tires will surely provide much better traction and ensure optimal grip even in the most extreme situations. Keeping your car in control on the snow-covered roads is easier with CARiD.

Make sure to contact our dedicated Wheels and Tires Team for free at 888-978-3395, if you’re still not sure which set of tires is right for your needs. We will be glad to provide you with professional advice.
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