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First gen hitch for sale

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I have a first gen Reese hidden hitch that came off my 95 Intrepid for sale. It is a class II hitch. I paid $200 to have it installed 3 years ago. Asking $80. That's Canadian Dollars. I live just west of Montreal, Quebec
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god damn thats a good price, thats like 65-70 bux american, i paid like 200 american bux for my drawtite hitch, its a class II as well, i sure hope someones smart enough to buy this.
That's about $60 American with the current exchange rate.
would this fit a second gen
I'm sure that it can be modified to fit, but I don't think that it is a direct bolt in. It is a direct bolt in for a first gen though. If you can weld yourself, a modification wouldn't be difficult, but if you are paying someone, I don't think that it would be cost effective.

Can you ship it? How much to ship to Milwaukee/Chicago area?
Shipping to Illinois is about $45 Canadian dollars, so the total would be around $ 110 I don't know if its worth it, but it is up to you

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