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There is a guy at work that also works for Winn-Dixie as a engineer for their IT department. We like to call him Charlie Brown or Ernie because he asks and sounds like them.
I myself was in school to become a ethical hacker (Only finished one semester and it covered stuff I already knew).

Anyway, I've built one system for work and also help maintain the systems. The other guy thinks he can maintain them but really and truly he keeps screwing them up. Then after he leave I have to go back and fix it or tweak it so what ever he did to it will really work.

Last night I was talking to a co-worker and he said he had Charlie Brown over to fix his home network and now 2 out of 3 systems can only access the internet let alone work. From what it sounded like he put them on a proxy and also created a remote connection so he can connect to their network when he pleases. Not to mention he went and disabled the administrator account and even created his own user with admin rights. I'm going to have to crack the password or try and get a hold of Charlie and get the password. Also revert the network back to default settings and start all over again. They don't have a router so i'll have to setup a system to be a host or talk my co-worker into buying a router.

In all I find it very sad that a system engineer that has 5 or 6 certifications can't do something right. while a young guy like myself that has been around computers since I was 5 and no certifications can do almost anything. Granted there are still a bunch I need to learn.
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