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Well, i no longer have my intrepid but was hoping someone on here could help me out.

Basically, the foglights on my Stratus are completely worthless. They use an 886 bulb that pretty much no one makes -- i bought a pair of streetglow extreme whites or whever they are and they aren't even as bright as the stock 50w GEs (which is the highest you can get in an 886 bulb) and are no where near the color of my Nokya Arctic Whites

Basically what I want to do is modify my housing to fit a 9007 (i have an extra set of nokya's). But what I thought would be pretty cool is if I could wire them the same as my headlights to use the low and high beam. Currently, the fogs are wired into my parking lights (because the stupid switch wont work unless the headlights are on) and I could easily run a wire from the high-beam power wire on the headlight assembly to the same on the foglight bulb, EXCEPT then it would be burning both filaments at the same time on my fogs which i'm pretty sure would be too hot for the housing. Is there any sort of relay or something I could put in to kill power to the low-beam wire when there is power running through the high-beam wire?

I hope I explained this well enough, but if not just let me know and i'll see what else i can do.
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