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On I-77 today in central Ohio, I followed 2 trailor loads. Mainly SE's but a couple of ES's, 2 300's and a few Concords. I like the new ES wheels, one was chromed. The other was the new green Ottowrkr talked about. It looked really sharp! Most of the SE's had the alloy wheel option on ( from minivan) A couple had the wheel covers and they were ugly...

But the ass end, tooooo much lettering. I'd get the hair dryer out before I left the dealer. I had already removed the DODGE from my doors, yesterday I removed the Ram head from the hood. A little Goo Be Gone and some wax, and yu'd never know it was there.

But back to the 2 truck loads, the drivers probably thought I was nuts, I followed beside then for 2 miles then I let them pass me again so I could check them out again.

What a heavy day, really makes you realize just how fortunate we are. My thoughts are with all involved.

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