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still got lots of parts left over from my swap when i bought 2 cars to make one

got all the interior parts from a 98 se except for the airbags

also got lots of parts from the 01 es have
all doors
drivers front fender
roof panel with sunroof
rear window

also have a steering rack brake booster and other misc little parts

pictures of parts at

prices are any reasonable offer for the part then you pay the shipping make me an offer on the part then we can figure out the shipping i will not respond to offers that are x amount for something shipped

parts can be picked up in mcmurray pa with is just south of pittsburgh pa or if the parts are paid for i can probably get them to atlanta so you can pick them up there just call me ot work that out if you are intrested PM or call or email me i dont always check the threads that ofter

cell 412.805.0830 leave a meassage if i dont awnser


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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