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alright so this years 2nd Annual Foxboro, MA Meet is a go!


the date is Saturday, July 29th. starting time will be 11:00-11:30 i would like people to start showing around then. We will do lunch, whether it be BBQ or going out to a restaurant at roughly 12:30-1 (whatever you guys would like to do). Then after everything is settled we will do a local area cruise or, depending on interest, a cruise down to Cape Cod (roughly 45-50mins from here). I know we had a great time last year and i think overall we had a total of maybe 35-40 twin turbos. I'd like this years turnout to be even better! I'm also posting this thread on the FYCracing forums in hopes of getting some of those turbo freaks to go.

I also would like to do a car show but I have gotten mixed interest, it's very 50/50. If you guys are interested please let me know in your reply to this thread. and that's pretty much it, all other main info is below

Date: Sat., July 29th
Time: 11:30-night
Address: 20 Hartwell Drive, Foxboro, MA, 02035
Cell: 508 641 3155 - Brian (me)

if you don't feel like mapquesting the address, the directions are still in the first post of last years thread, the link is here

Thanks guys, i'm excited!
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