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Ok here's the laydown. I used to have a show on this site. I went by "turdburgler"
Here's a few clips of me
So about the site.
Its a big site. Easy to get lost.
There's a live show almost every night. If you log on to the chat room you can pm the dj with phone number requests and he will do them on air. Or you can call in and join in on some calls. There's a link to PCU on the kdk site. There you can join the chat or listen live from windows browser or winamp. During the day when there's no live shows they have a constant feed of prerecordrd pranks. Very cool to listen to at work. Also one of the other cool things are the soundboards. There's a million and you can use them to prank your friends. My fav are the arnold boards. Anywhoo I used to be on here quite a bit but can't access it from my cell. My fav shows are zolar.. U might know him from the howard stern show.... and joops monkeyphone. Joops a weird ass kid. But ya like I said to listen live go to pcu radio link. The chatrooms pretty lame except when someones on live. Ppl used to search the net white and yellow pages and cut and paste numbers for me to call. :bgtup:
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